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This helpful tutorial explains in easy to follow steps how to cut sea glass, stones, shell, ceramic and shards of broken china using diamond wire hand saw blades.

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10 reasons why your photos aren't sharp (and how to fix them)

Getting sharp photos is one of the fundamental goals in photography. If your images aren’t as sharp as you’d like, take a look at our ten-point guide to work out where you’re going wrong and how to get it right next time.

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Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist images

In this quick double exposure portrait tutorial we'll show you how to combine images with easy Blend mode effects to create striking, dream-like pictures.

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How to read a histogram: what you can learn from your camera's exposure graph

[How to read a histogram : photography cheat sheet] Your digital camera’s histogram serves as a guide to help you better underststand your exposure. To this end, it aims to illustrate the range of tones in a scene. On the left of your histogram you’ll find the extreme of dark shadows, while on the far right you will find your bright highlights.