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children / teen / Kids Bedroom Graffiti mural - hand painted Josh urban Detail graffiti bedroom design #graffitibedroom #interior design

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this artsi is talking about power. saying that being powerful can turn someone and make them step on other people thinking that they are above and not equal. as you can see he is blocking the water by squeezing the pipe and not letting the kid have any.

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Do you ever feel like things have to be done a certain way because that's how everyone else does it? That feeling can hold you back and keep you from living your dreams and pursuing your goals. Forget the "norm", you don't have to be like everyone else. Just because it seems like everyone else is doing something a particular way doesn't mean you can't succeed doing things differently. Challenge yourself to do things your own way and spark your creativity!

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@guywealsphotography take over: While capturing scenes of graffiti and vandalism during my photojournalism project it is even more clear to me how we do not preserve the area that we live in. This quote by John Muir explains best how to treat the areas in which we explore. It is also the motto that the Baltimore Grotto caving society and many other naturalists live by. #nature #preservation #quote #johnmuir Level 4 HNC Diploma in Photography (Pearson) at Walsall College

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