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Pinakbet a la London by the Postulant Cook

Pinakbet, an Ilocano pork and vegetable stew

Pinakbet, an Ilocano pork and vegetable stew with shrimp paste | CASA Veneracion

How to Cook Pinakbet

pinakbet or pakbet is an ilokano dish from the northern regions of the philippines, but popular throughout the archipelago. fry pork until brown and crunchy. add garlic and onions and saute. add tomatoes. add shrimp and stir ocassionaly.

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Pinakbet (Filipino Shrimp and Vegetable Stew)

We love PAKBET... do you agree? Pinakbet or Pakbet: With or without sauce, this perfect blend of vegetable goodness is surely to hit your craving palate any time of the day! ‪ ‪ We are on's top 100 blogs! Thank you everyone!

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