Appliqué is a fun way to express yourself. Learn How to Applique by following these simple steps. It's easier than you think.

How to Applique

Appliqué for Beginners - a tutorial by Molly and Mama. Lots of photos and step-by-step instructions to teach you to appliqué anything!

Appliqué for Beginners - a tutorial by Molly and Mama. Always wanted to learn how to appliqué? It's so easy with this simple guide, clear photos and easy instructions!

She shows how to use Light fusible web and straight stitch around it once it is adhered.

How to Do Needle Turn Applique - video

A video tutorial for needle-turn applique. This stitch has stood the test of time. There is not fusible adhesive stiffness, and stitches are invisible.

How to blanket stich an applique

Blanket Stitch an Applique

How to Blanket Stitch an Applique. This hand stitch technique gives a folksy, handmade look to a small applique. It takes a bit of time, so you'll probably use it for the occasional embellishment, rather than for an entire, large project.

brilliant, brilliant, brilliant tutorial on how to turn the edges under without actually having to turn the edges under. (Hint: Cheat. Do it inside out like a pillowcase.)

The Dryer Sheet Applique Method is a quilt applique technique that recycles used dryer sheets as interfacing for appliques. Dryer sheets stabilize appliques and make it easy to turn edges under, but you will need to sew these appliques by hand.

I’ve been doing a lot more applique with fusible adhesive lately (now that I’ve discovered some products I really like) and I’ve been getting requests for some more tutorials for it. Ask and you shall receive. I’ve already got a basic applique with fusible adhesive video here, but it only shows fusing down one piece …

How to Applique with Fusible Adhesive - video

How to hand applique with freezer paper & turned under fabric

How to hand applique with two layers freezer paper, then starch seam allowance and press over freezer paper template. Gently remove freezer paper, can use basting glue at this point.

Freezer Paper Applique Tutorial

Applique using freezer paper as template and as a stiffener to turn the edge under against. Iron freezer paper templates to wrong side of fabric

Jennifer Jangles Blog: How to Applique

Let's talk appliqué.It's one of my favorite things to do. Here are the steps to create a fabric appliqué using paperbacked fusible webbing.

Another "how to applique" tute--this one looks good and she has generously provided a pdf you can download.

Sewing Applique: Another "how to applique" tutorial. Needleturn applique with freezer paper on the back of your fabric.

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Hand Applique - How to Step by Step Freezer Paper Applique [Pictures]

Hand Applique - How to do applique work by hand a step by step freezer paper applique and applique stitch tutorial with pictures.