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How Rude Full House Postcard

How Rude! - Stephanie Tanner - Full House

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Hello there! Been a while since I did an intro and thought I'd share a little bit of my personality with you that most people may not know from my IG - it's hard to tell from just a picture right?! For starters I'm an early to bed early to rise kinda gal. When I wake up late I have a serious case of FOMO! I prefer snuggly nights in with my guy over all night ragers and these days if it doesn't involve some sort of exercise and view I'm kind of not interested. I love to nerd out on topics…

12 Catchphrases So Common You Almost Forget They Originated On TV

Single people, people in new relationships, and people who have been in relationships for years all seem to stress out about this holiday that should be fun and stress-free! Sometimes all we need is a little guidance through Valentine's Day!

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Community Post: 21 Times You Fell In Love With Uncle Jesse From "Full House"

I always found it so cool how well Uncle Jesse and Michelle took to each other. It made his character more three-dimensional

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Stephanie Judith Tanner. i have people(even teachers) tell me i look like her! Rachel Mathews called me Stephanie all summer:)

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Full house. This was my favorite episode. I've got both my kids saying this all the time!

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