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The Apple Watch is great for telling the time but there's so much more that this timepiece does and here are 21 Apple Watch tips every owner should know!

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Here's how to access the secret Apple Watch App Store from your iPhone | There's a hidden menu on your iPhone, and it details all of the Apple Watch apps. Buying advice from the leading technology site

pin 1 is Apples free app of the week in App Store This week Apple Store has highlighted $2.99WaterMinder - Water Hydration Reminder & TrackerBy Funn Media LLCasFree App of the Weekthat means you can download and enjoy this $2.99worthWaterMindergameat no charge(free) this week. If you miss to downloadFree App of the WeekWaterMindernow you will be charged as a regular price of $2.99. So hurry up and grab this game for your kid without having to pay a…

Apple dominates the smartwatch market but competition looms Read more Technology News Here --> With the release of its record-breaking earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2016 Apple silenced its haters (at least for a moment) and gave us fewer reasons to doubt its decision making process. Still the company won't reveal any specifics about the Apple Watch but using new smartwatch market projections from analysts we can take a stab at just how well the…

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Strava is finally coming as a standalone app on your smartwatch Read more Technology News Here --> If you're tired of strapping a phone to your arm when heading out for a run or a cycle and are one of the millions who use Strava to log their runs then good news: you can finally use the app on a smartwatch. That doesn't sound like that much of a big deal but Strava has announced that you'll be able to finally leave the phone at home and have the app run…

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Android Wear: everything you need to know Read more Technology News Here --> Google has launched Android Wear 2.0 and it comes with more than a few notable updates. Alongside the software overhaul Google and LG have teamed up for two new watches the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style. Android Wear 2.0 is the biggest update to come to Google's smartwatch operating system yet and it gives its main competitor the watchOS-running Apple Watch a real run for its…

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Hands on with #ActionSleeve! #Repost @chrismbauer Tonight I took the #twelvesouth #actionsleeve for a test spin. I was amazed at how this thing works for #crossfit #applewatch normally I would wear my watch on my wrist and use my wrist wraps over the watch. This made for crappy heartrate samples and calories burned was always off with wrist based HRM. But this sleeve solves that and you simply snap the Apple Watch into the sleeve and wrap it around your bicep and the readings are so much…

Swimming with the Apple Watch: How the Device Functions in Water -

How To Use The Apple Watch's Pedometer To Count Steps And Distance Some people think that Apple Watch and iPhone are two different devices that complement each other and some people also think that without iPhone you really can’t do much with an Apple Watch apart from what a watch usually does i.e. Display time. But you may be ignoring one of the most important ... ------------------------- Read More

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