Volkswagen Hover Car Concept

Volkswagen Aqua Curvy Hovercraft - The Volkswagen Aqua Curvy Hovercraft is a concept car designed for all types of terrain. Although off-road cars are nothing new, this vehicle bring.

VOLVO S90 by pietrekm on DeviantArt

All scene painting in PS ,, World is full of anarchy and terrorist attacks .Volvo brings You armored safest car on this planet ''

"LOOK, Mom. no wheels!" Volkswagen's concept car that travels by using magnetic force to float...

Volkswagen Floating Car (Concept): The Volkswagen Hover Car is a pod-like zero-emissions vehicle that uses electromagnetic road networks to float above the road.

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Amazing Facts Volkswagen Aqua would be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and would emit zero carbon dioxide.The all-terrain vehicle, which has a top speed of and works like a hovercraft, can move seamlessly between different surfaces.

Designer Sylvain Viau Imagines the Hover Cars We Were Promised

French Flying Cars is photo manipulated series by Sylvain Viau wheel-less hover cars that appear to float just above the ground

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EAC Hovercar Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.

The crowdsourced Volkswagen Hover Car concept.

Volkswagen’s The People’s Car Project: Hover Car. VIDEO: Volkswagen gathers ideas from the people of China to help innovate future cars. They took one girl’s idea for a hover car and made it into reality.