For more than six decades the title of King of Saudi Arabia has passed along a line of brothers born to King Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud, up to the current Head of The House of Saud, King Salman […] ibn Saud. During my research it became obvious that the majority of popular accounts written on the subject of Saudi Arabia’s origins have relied on the Saudis‘ version of events – that have been largely distorted either to hide or justify their crimes and tyranny – all of which have…

A timeline of the House of Saud, the family that would become the kings of Saudi Arabia

Also discussed at the meeting is the issue of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine. King Abd al-Aziz acknowledges the plight of the Jews, but argues taking part of Palestine is unfair to the Palestinians. In a letter to the king that Roosevelt sends after their meeting, the president writes: "I will take no action which might prove hostile to the Arab people." But Roosevelt dies shortly after sending this letter and Vice President Harry Truman becomes president.

If The Saudi Arabia Situation Doesn't Worry You, You're Not Paying Attention

Feisal I of Iraq and Chaim Weizmann (wearing Arab dress as a sign of respect) in Syria, 1918

President Eisenhower invites King Saud for a state visit 1957. Eisenhower wants to renew the lease on the Dhahran airbase, a useful strategic asset in the Cold War. Saud wants the money that the U.S. will pay to extend the lease. And he privately promises to suspend all aid to Egypt. To this day, the agreement that Faisal and Eisenhower sign constitutes the basis of U.S.-Saudi military cooperation. But Saud soon spends the revenues from the Dhahran lease on luxury trips to Europe and falls…

Saddam Hussein and King Fahd, 1982. Just as Fahd takes power, war breaks out between his two powerful neighbors, Iran and Iraq. Fahd befriends Saddam Hussein, a fellow Sunni, and gives him money and weapons to battle the Shi'a in Iran. But two years after the war ends, Saddam will invade neighboring Kuwait, with his eye on Saudi oil.

Juhayman al-Otaybi, leader of the Grand Mosque seizure

Q Bimbashi Herbert Garland Sadik Bey (Egyptian Army) Sabri Bey Ali Negib Bey Emir Ali bin Husain al-Hashimi Emir Abdulla bin Husain al-Hashimi Abdul Rahman Bey (possibly near Medina)

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