Patient: You're a goof. Dr. House: Takes one to know one, loser. House MD quotes

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House........ I often wonder how this hasn't been said more often. In today's sorry world, Moses and Jesus would both be either locked up in an asylum or putting on shows in vegas.

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Community Post: Daria And Dr. House Are Actually The Same Person

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"And humility is an important quality, especially if you're wrong a lot. Of course, when you're right, self-doubt doesn't help anybody, does it?" - House M.D.

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Dr. Gregory House: There's only one thing you can say to keep me from firing you. Dr. Taub: We're sorry. Dr. Kutner: I love you. Dr. Gregory House: Wrong. House MD quotes

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Wilson! He practically doesn' t even need to speak! His facial expressions are hysterical! LOL

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In This House We | House Quote: You can have all the faith you want in spirits and the ...

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I'm in pain every day. That changed me. Made me a harder person, a worst person. And I'm alone.

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"It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what." Dr. House, House MD quotes

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