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Music’s 40 Greatest Style Icons, Ranked

My family are great fans of his (especially my mum) so I have grown up with his music, he will always be a favourite of mine.

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25 Cutest Animal Pictures

Basset Hound puppy howling, I'd totally name him Copper like from fox & the hound.

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Basset Hound. Bassets are known to be a vocal breed. They have a wide range of entertaining sounds and a deep howl...(from Wikipedia) | Flickr

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"WOOOWOOWHO I'M A HOUND DOG" For the best training to stop your beagle barking and howling, go to

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Famous people with Basset Hounds! - Basset Hounds: Basset Hound Dog Forums

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I had an afghan hound a few years ago .. They are the most beautiful dogs .. Very elegant .. A lot of work .. But well worth it !.. You don't see very much of them now ...

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