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This is brilliant! A mini high-rise garage! Each car gets its own port in this easy storage solution for your kid's Hot Wheels cars. 1. Get assorted wooden boxes or crates from your local crafts store. 2. Collect cardboard rolls (e.g. paper towels, wrapping paper, mailing tubes, etc.) and cut to fit box depth. 3. Arrange rolls in box as you see fit. Use larger boxes for track and miscellaneous storage

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How to Make a Cardboard Box Race Track for Hot Wheels Cars

Turn a cardboard box into a race track for Hot Wheels cars! This simple race trace releases four cars at one time. Perfect bad weather day project!

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Hot Wheels 'car knobs' are a winning way to decorate your kid's drawers. 1. Drill a self-tapping screw into your Hot Wheels car. 2.Replace existing drawer knob with Hot Wheels car knob.

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Hot Wheels Car Clock I had a similar idea when my son was little - never got around to actually making it : (

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31 Incredibly Creative Ways To Display All Your Stuff

Don't pack your children's car collection away when they outgrow playing with them: turn the cars into art!

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