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Singer Halsey Strips Down to Her Calvins for

Singer Halsey Strips Down to Her Calvins for Playboy - Slide 4 | Playboy


You sassy little sht "like whatcha see ladiesss I know you do~~ " shut your mouth if you saw a real girl you'd freeze up, my kookie baby :)


:: FC Andy biersack :: Hello, I'm Andrew Black. Captain of The Andromeda. I'm 21. I'm a playboy. I'm secretive and sneaky. I love rum. I don't talk about my past to anyone. I'm looking for a right hand man, or woman, to run the ship with me. I have trust issues. I'm after a treasure that is buried in the Lost Isles and will set my journey there. I want to find the fountain of youth in the New World. I love gold and am greedy. (He's broken inside but no one knows.)


JungKook <3-<3


Clean up on the catwalk: Supermodel Candice Swanepoel takes to the runway with feather duster before transforming into beautiful butterfly at Victoria's Secret Show


Hunger is a biannual magazine from photographer and publisher, Rankin. Launched in November 2011, Hunger was born from Rankin’s desire to celebrate the innate drive that we all possess and that, with a bit of creativity, can be used as an impetus for cultural change.