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Feeding Kids with Octopus and Crab Hotdogs

The boiling the dog is very important to get it to plump out, I've seen it fried too works same just more mess. Feeding Kids with Octopus and Crab Hotdogs


15 Creative DIY Ideas to Serve Hot Dogs

Give these guys tentacles, and they'll walk all over your plate! Pair with mott's applesauce for a well-rounded lunch.

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Mini Pancake And Sausage Octopus Creatures

How to make Mini Pancake And Sausage Octopus Creatures. Ingredients: 16 mini sausages, 100 g pancake mix, 50 g milk, 40 g ketchup, oil for frying, mayonnaise, cheese slices, nori


Impending flatmate works nights, i really got into making packed lunches for her last time we lived together. Must do this.


Fun Food For Kids: 10 Cool and Healthy Snacks!

Hot dog octopuses are super easy to make. Cut the bottom 3/4 into 8 slices to make the tentacles. Boil the hot dog like normal and the legs will spread out naturally. You can use this idea to also make crabs. Cut both sides 1/4 of the way through but only in four pieces. After boiling the hot dog will look like a crab.


How ADORABLE!!! Just cut legs before steaming and use cloves for eyes... Great for an undersea, pirate, etc party!!