Pennsylvania Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing **this was both easy and delicious! will make more than 3 slices of bacon next time...hubs wanted more. :)**

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This fresh spinach salad is topped with strawberries, red onions, candied nuts and a special hot bacon dressing that makes it perfect for entertaining!

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When my Grandma Hallie passed in 1984, I mourned MANY things about this wonderful woman. But it wasn't until the next spring, when leaf lettuce came up, that I realized I had never asked her how to make Wilted Lettuce.Over the next 30 years, I would try one recipe after another, but none of them were quite right until a lovely lady named Dixie posted a recipe for what she called Hot Vinegar Dressing. This time, it WAS the right dressing, the one I remember so well! Thank you, Dixie, for…

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