REINFORCE NEARBY FOLIAGE -- Tucked under a tree, this planting extends the bed to the variegated shrub nearby. The mostly white variegated hostas reinforce the shrub's foliage colors.

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Phlox stolonifera with Bloodroot, Vinca, Columbine and Hosta. I’ve found that this is a shallow rooted plant. Keeping it out of the hot afternoon sun keeps the soil from getting too dry. While it has tolerated some dryness I haven’t taken a chance to see just how dry it can get. During the summer I water the area a little if we haven’t had rain.

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Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' - This new fatsia is primarily grown for its handsome foliage, which looks as though it has been variously been dusted with icing sugar. It makes a wonderful specimen, particularly when planted near white-flowering plants that compliment the leaf variegations. It can also be used to help add light and colour to areas or lightly dappled shade.

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shade garden with hosta, fern, lady's mantle, boxwood, wild ginger and more...:

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