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DIY Hospital Care Package More

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Gift Basket Ideas - for someone going through Chemo

Wondering what gifts might be helpful to someone going through chemotherapy? This post gives you 8 Ideas for creating a Chemo Care Gift Basket!! Easy and helpful! chemo giftbasket, Cancer gift ideas.

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Hospital "Busy Bags"-often the families of a chronically or critically ill person spend long periods of time at the hospital. This post has lots of ideas for putting together a clever care package for the patient's family, both adults and kids! What a great way to show your love.

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Care Package Ideas for Kids with Cancer | ~ This just breaks my heart! It truly puts our own problems in perspective, right?! What a wonderful idea to do this and take them to the ward at a children's hospital! And don't just wait for Christmas!!! The hospitals are filled with sick kids throughout the year! BE a BLESSING! :)

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Blessing Bags - How to create + FREE Checklist!

Please make care packages for the homeless men and women in your neighbourhood. Contact for ideas.

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NICU Care packages, preemies, How to Help a NICU to get started with care packages #preemie #carepackage

7.15.16 - DIY - Hospital Care Package - List

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