a pretty decent looking gardenhose reel... "NeverLeak by Ames Steel 150-ft Hideaway Hose Reel"

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The Perfect Pivot Hose Reel - This is the reel that rotates 360° horizontally, enabling easy hose usage. Unlike conventional fixed-position reels that impede a hose’s extraction or tip over altogether when a gardener’s frustration leads to yanking, this one has a pivoting cylinder that naturally swings to whichever direction a hose is being pulled, enabling convenient watering without the need to reposition a wheeled reel or walk back to the reel to pull out more slack in the desired…

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Whether you’re planning to sell your home or not, your home’s curb appeal always plays important role. If your home is attractive from the outside, everyone including potential homebuyers will want to see what’s inside. It is not difficult to add some curb appeal matters to improve the expense and appeal of your home. You [...]

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Best price on Two-Way Hose Connector With Built-In Shut-Offs, Hose Splitter, Garden Hose Splitter, Water Hose Connector, Hose Reel Adapter, Split Faucet with Shut-off Valve (Metal w/ Shut Off) See details here: http://bestgardenreport.com/product/two-way-hose-connector-with-built-in-shut-offs-hose-splitter-garden-hose-splitter-water-hose-connector-hose-reel-adapter-split-faucet-with-shut-off-valve-metal-w-shut-off/ Truly the best deal for the new Two-Way Hose Connector With Built-In…

Wall Mount Hose Reel Wall Mounted Garden Winds & Stores Non-Rust Cast Aluminum #LibertyGardenProducts

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