I won’t clash my outfit with my horse ever again

tack shop, schools us all in color coordinating your horse and hunt coat. So we can come color correct (even when everything else falls apart.) Heather Struthers owns and operates Ottawa’s hippest tack shop: Performance Horse & Rider.

bays-dappledgrays:  “Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.”

"Hi, my name is lily,this is my horse s'mores. I am kaitlyn's new client and I am boarding s'more and taking lessons here! I hope to know a lot about jumping!

Yes I Smell Like A Horse , No Not A Problem Unisex Womens Ladies Girls Riding Hoodie Sweater

I so need this every time I come home from the barn one of my siblings goes 'you stink'

Equiline Gioia Show Jacket, i want these pants for hiking. Put them under the skirt. :)

Equiline Gioia Show Jacket

Equiline Ladies Show Jacket Gioia is the latest Equiline competition jacket for ladies. Available in Black, Blue and Grey. Call/text us at

Charlotte Dujardin and Florentina IV

Charlotte Dujardin riding in the fabulous new colour Blueberry Dressage Square set! Love it when tack matches

www.horsealot.com, the equestrian social network for riders & horse lovers | Equestrian Fashion : army look.

goode rider fall 2015 collection jean F/S breeches in camouflage - i can't find these for sale anywhere