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Horse Rescue

Little Survivor Finds A Home

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How to Start a Non-Profit Horse Rescue

If you love and understand horses, starting a rescue organization may seem like the most logical move. There is always a need for places that can help...

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Start A Horse Rescue Facility>> I want to start a "rescue" that isn't a rescue but a fresh tart and new chance, I'll take them in get them in good shape access they're level of training and see what they could do, if they have talent for something I'd train them for example a tall athletic horse I'd train to do hunter/jumpers, a older calm horse would be a trail and then I'd sell them not adopt them out, I'd have basic requirements to be sure they are properly cared for and have a buy back…

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The Velvet Muzzle - Horse Decor & More Signs inspired by the horses we love!

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Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue - someday I might need this. Draft horses are my favorite.

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Lone Cloud - when he was rescued and what he looks like now thanks to Mississippi Horse Rescue

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We are always touched to receive updates like this from rescue shelters that have benefitted from our partnership with A Home for Every Horse. Gulliver looks amazing thanks to This Old Horse, Inc. in Hastings, Minnesota. Founder Nancy T. says, “Gulliver is one of our more recent rescues. He was featured at the Minnesota Harvest Horse Show this fall as we celebrated his seven-month journey from Starved to Star!

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Coping With Horse Rescue Costs

From investigation training to bringing charges, take a look at what it costs authorities to seize maltreated horses.

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Do you find that when you have to ride sitting trot, whether or not there is any actual sitting going on is up for debate?! Sitting trot for many riders is a pain in the backside - literally! It is supposed to be how you can 'stay with' your horse, and how you can influence him more with 'subtle movements', all which seem pretty impossible when there are 2 or 3 inches of daylight between your butt and the saddle with each stride!

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