this post is horse anatomy. I like how it has both the skeleton and the muscles. I also like that you can compare it to an outside view of the horse.

This photo shows different views of a horse's anatomy. It goes from skeletal to muscular to normal views.

horse anatomy:

The most complete, accurate and qualified horse anatomy reference seen in all my life, love it

The stifle is comparable to the human knee. What my mare injured...taking a while but building her back up!

Horse health information from Southern Pines Equine Associates including a vaccination schedule, deworming schedule, vital signs, first aid, horse anatomy.

The longtime rider in me says yes. After all, horses look like they are absolutely made for it; not too big and not too small; strong, agile with enough space on their back to carry a human, as they have done for centuries.  However, in addition to being a rider I am also an equine physical therap

I really enjoyed the use of shading and lines to create what I'm assuming is a anatomically correct drawing.

Hoof anatomy                                                       …

Horse Side Vet Guide - Quick Reference - Equine Hoof Sole Anatomy by Lost Princess

We continue to add to Horse Side Vet Guide almost every day, and those of you with the app continue to have a resource that gets better and better!   We just added this image to QUICK REFERENCE. That means that it is always on your phone, with or without Internet, for easy reference! This image shows you the most important muscular and tendinous structure of the horse's leg, when viewed from the side. I hope you find it useful.  - Dr. Thal DVM DABVP, creator of HSVG

Horse Side Vet Guide® was originally created as a mobile application. We thought pretty hard about how to provide you with helpful information "horse side" -

Horse Facts and Equestrian Information

There are endless names of the body parts of horses. Horses have a lot of body parts that help them function. It may take years to understand all the different parts of horse structure.

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