American Horror Story (Seasons 5) 4Freak Show, 2Asylum, 1Murder House, 3Coven, 5Hotel

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IKEA Instructions for Horror Fans | Killer Kitsch

Banshee Art Print no disrespect to artist. Great talent. Just a little spooky. To each is own, awesome

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this is a spooky horror scene i like horror movies so i decided to put it in #MFC4012

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This film is about a psycho killer who likes to play games and kill people who have done wrong in their life time.

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I included this picture for the creep factor more than anything, however, I think it also relates the archetypal monstrous woman. The whole notion of the monstrous feminine revolves around female power, however, I always found it interesting that if women have power and influence, it rarely results in good and is oftentimes associated with evil. Although this image does not clearly display evil, the horrific aspect of it makes this connection possible. American Horror Story: Coven

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A quick (albeit larger) piece I did for a fellow horror friend. Baba! Dook Dook!

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