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Your Horoscope for 2017 Is Here!

Your Horoscope for 2017 Is Here! via @WhoWhatWearUK

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Thanks to who ever kidnapped a kid in the state over! My phone went nuts and woke me up! I cant sleep and somebody has to pay for it!!!

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So so true...sadly...we're the ones acting strong and like we have it together but when we're finally alone it's like we're allowed to just fall to pieces, away from anyone else...

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Yep not talking makes us feel useless ... But most people don't want to engage in conversation so we adjust but will find an outlet so our mind can keep busy.

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my cancer man can read my eyes like a book, he can also hear most of my thoughts as if I said them out loud. (being together for 14 years will do that to a scorpio/cancer couple ;) )

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