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Nature's Embrace On a magical twilight night, high above the golden moonlit landscape, two trees embrace in a demonstration of perfect love. Their roots entwined, and birds singing joyfully in their branches, they give us all a lesson on how we should treat our precious earth. If only we could all embrace each other in such perfect harmony..!! Art by Josephine Wall


Honesty lesson, talks about all the forms of deception . Lupe's honest and fair!

Honesty lesson (also other YW lessons)

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Anyone can give you attention and compliments, but someone who loves you will give you that plus respect, honesty, trust, and loyalty. ~Charles Orlando Lessons Learned In Life


Ms. Sepp's Counselor Corner: Integrity & Honesty Lesson, 4th grade

Trustworthiness - Honesty - Lesson Plans - Character Counts More

Trustworthiness - Honesty - Lesson Plans - Character Counts