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Organic Premium Infant Formula

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies. Our organic infant formula is carefully modeled after breast milk, and meticulously blended using non-GMO (genetically engineered), naturally-derived, organic and other high-quality ingredients, sourced from trusted organic farms to help ensure pure, safe, and quality goodness. | Honest Organic Premium Infant Formula


Honest Company Introduces Organic Formula


Breastfeeding Basics: Is Your Baby Getting Enough Breastmilk? - Baby, Honestbaby

Breastfeeding Basics: Is Your Baby Getting Enough Breastmilk? | via The Honest Company blog


Eco-Dough: For Kids Who Try To Eat All Their Toys!

Eco dough uses all natural ingredients including plant, fruit and vegetable extracts. Essential oils keep the dough soft and pliable. #storkstack


The Honest Company Organic Premium Infant Formula - 23.2 Oz by The Honest Co. at, $29.95


Safe Infant Formula Guide...The good news-There ARE acceptable options. The bad news-There's ONLY FOUR and ONLY THE TWO LEAST HEALTHY of the four are available in the US. US moms CAN still buy the ONLY TWO of the four that are actually really healthy, but they have to buy it online for an expensive price with expensive shipping. The 3rd healthiest of the 4 options(the HEALTHIEST US option) has FDA approval to be fed to infants, but its ingredients are ACTUALLY suited for toddlers. Cont.-

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer - Spray - Orange - 2 Oz - 1 Each

Our sweet citrus hand sanitizer effectively kills of germs and bacteria in a convenient sanitizing spray. Get long-lasting antibacterial protection with our plant-based, no rinse formula perfect anywhere, anytime!...