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well you didnt have to make it more sad (homestuck spoilers)

caution: This fan comic gamzeeXfemtav. I have to imagine there is a gender world If only one to fall into. Tavros and Gender Mirror

hammock time by HomestuckFanPoop

hammocks are not the most reliable of things to make out in. also, dave can fly? what an idiot hammock time

Dave, Jade, and John. X3 I love DavexJade

Dave, Jade, and John. I love DavexJade<< I personally hate DaveJade but i think this is just adorable!


You will never learn Kanaya


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awut :: let me tell you about homestuck | Tapastic Comics - image 2

Meet the Instagram Sensation Omar, The World Longest Cat

Check out the comic "awut :: let me tell you about homestuck"…

#Homestuck for you...THE LAST ONES XD

Homestuck Horns reasoning for existing. Oh gog xD Anyone with troll horns better watch out because I be touching all the horns