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My homemade vanity. I pieced together items to make it and was able to do it much more cheaply than buying a vanity table. It's made up of one long and two shorter Lack shelves and two Lalle legs from IKEA. The shelves were only $14.99 for the long one and $6.99 each for the short ones and the legs were $12.50 each. I used IKEA Dioder lights (which are made to go around a TV) and stuck them around an existing mirror that I had. I found the grey boxes at Michael's and got both for only $25.00


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Hanging baskets for hair tools

Everyone gets in the mood to tidy up sometimes, and we're going to start by cleaning up the crushed compacts and expired lip glosses floating in the bottom of the bathroom drawer. These real-girl beauty battle stations from the Reddit Makeup Addiction