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Want to make candles using old tea cups or baby food jar? This is a great way to keep the wick from moving while the wax is being poured and is drying.


Love this HOMEMADE TAFFY recipe... a lil tedious with the candy pulling but for sure worth it! Black Cherry Lemonade was my choice! thaks


Homemade Taffy!-- I have been dying to make this and finally did yesterday!!! SOOOOO GOOD!!! Was a big hit at work : ) Only thing I would do different is use unsalted butter on my hands instead of regular butter (still use regular butter in the recipe tho) We made Black Cherry Flavor-- YUMMMMM!!! And it makes alot : ) Can't wait to make more!! ---Misty : )

from The Gracious Wife

Homemade Taffy Apples

Homemade Taffy Apples are a perfect Fall treat with homemade, gooey and sweet caramel wrapped around fresh, tart apples that the whole family will love. Caramel Apples from scratch are amazing! Love this for a Fall dessert recipe.

I have tried to make taffy before, but failed. This one looks fun and kids are doing it, so maybe it's easy.