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The Alchemist - Make Your Own Homemade Sour Cream with just a few ingredients!

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How To Make Sour Cream and Creme Fraiche Naturally

Learning how to make sour cream is surprisingly easy, and it sets in just 24 hours. It's not necessarily cheaper, but making your own always has its perks!


Homemade Sour Cream


MYO Instant Sour Cream~~Use 1 cup evaporated milk, take out 2 Tablespoons then add 2 Tablespoons lemon juice and let set for 5 to 10 minutes


Homemade Sour Cream

Homemade Sour Cream. 3 minutes prep, let it sit for 24 hours and you have great tasting Sour Cream.

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SCD GAPS Diet Sour Cream Creme Fraiche Recipe

SCD GAPS Diet Sour Cream Creme Fraiche - this is naturally virtually lactose free and makes a decadent base for ice cream ~

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Sour Cream Noodle Bake

Pioneer Woman's Freezer Recipes ~ Here’s where you’ll find all the freezer-friendly recipes on The Pioneer Woman. From Brisket to Brownies, you can file these in the “Freezes Beautifully” section of your life! Freeze them in various forms—unbaked, ready to put in the oven…or fully baked/cooked, ready to reheat

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Honeycomb ice cream

Honeycomb ice cream The best ice-cream , i used the recipe without the ice cream maker


making butter, cream cheese, sour cream, ghee and other stuff. This gals blog has a lot of data on how to improve products - long read, but worthwhile, and recipes at the bottom of the long page