Making your own roman shade  	  		  Martha Stewart Living, Volume 151 June 2006    Fabric  Iron  Needle and thread  Disappearing-ink pen  Cotton strips (shade's width plus 3/4 inch by 4 3/4 inches)  1/4-inch dowels  2-by-1-inch wooden batten (cut to width of shade)  Two 2-by-3-inch swatches of fabric  Staple gun  Brass rings  Cord lock  Screw eyes  Shade lift cord  Cord condenser  Cord tassel

Make Your Own Roman Shades

Learn how to make your own custom Roman shades!

Although I make my custom roman shades differently this is a great tutorial. BY Brown Paper Packages: How To Make Custom Roman Shades

365 Days to Simplicity: Easy no sew Roman Shades

No-Sew Window Treatments (A Follow-Up

How to transform mini-blinds into a no sew roman shade! sanjna How to transform mini-blinds into a no sew roman shade! How to transform mini-blinds into a no sew roman shade!

DIY Roman Shades from Mini Blinds | Simply Mrs. Edwards

DIY roman shades from cheap mini-blinds. In my bedroom, I have the miniblinds, fabric panels with blackout lining. Don't need the miniblinds separate from the blackout shades.

Smart, tailored panels combine the softness of curtains with the functionality of blinds, and they work almost anywhere.

Make Your Own Roman Shades

DIY Classic Roman Shade (this one requires a sewing machine) /Roman Blinds offer privacy and light control, but do not use as much fabric - or take up as much room - as draperies.

DIY Roman Shades, video tutorial~ very clever DIY project, you get truly unique window coverings that can really make a statement in your home.

DIY Roman Shades Turns out you can live luxuriously on a tight budget thanks to this incredible do-it-yourself trick! When it comes to luxurious decor, we all know it comes with a price.well, not anymore! This awesome DIY…

DIY Roman Shades @ Made2Style I can do this! Hate the look of those mini blinds, now I can get the look of Roman shades instead?!

Laundry room & kitchen windows - Such a clear & simple walk-through! DIY No-Sew Roman Shade Curtain

This is the most wonderful tutorial for making roman shades!  So straightforward with lots of helpful pictures.

DIY Roman blind tutorial in 20 pictures or less. A great tutorial regarding how to make Roman Blinds. Also see her link for how to do these blinds with an outside mount (instead of the inside mount in this tutorial).

GREAT tutorial on how to make curtains!

GREAT tutorial on how to make curtains!

Faux Roman Shade Tutorial - no sewing - just folding over tension rods!  So easy for a window where you don't actually need to use the shade, but want the look (like my kitchen window)  :)

The ORIGINAL tutorial for creating faux Roman shades using tension rods. Complete instructions with photos illustrating every step.

How to "Make Roman Blinds"

How to "Make Roman Blinds"