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11 DIY Berry Pink Lip Stains

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DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lipstick Recipe and Tutorial from Hey Wanderer. A video tutorial is also linked. Note: it is recommended to use ONLY CRAYOLA CRAYONS - not generic crayons made in China that may contain lead or who knows what. For pages more of DIY beauty and spa recipes (milk baths, sugar scrubs, chocolate facials etc…) go here:

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How to Make Lipstick at Home

Will work on this this holiday - I think I have all the stuff to make it except the mold. I'll see if I can either make one or buy one!

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How to Make Natural Lipstick: Save money and avoid mistrial ingredients and unneccessary chemicals by making your own lip products at home!!

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Make Your Own 100% Natural Lipstick At Home

Make Your Own 100% Natural Lipstick At Home

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Natural Shimmer Lipstick Recipe

Natural Lipstick Recipe with essential oils and natural colors 207x300 Natural Shimmer Lipstick Recipe

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DIY homemade lip gloss: 1 1/2 tsp grated cocoa butter, 1/2 tsp coconut oil, 1/8 tsp vitamin E oil, 3 chocolate chips

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I wanted to make a homemade lipstick that looks like the one you get in stores. Turns out how to make your own lipstick like a pro is not as hard as you can imagine. Packaging and a few tools can sometimes makes a world of difference! How to make your own lipstick like a pro! …

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