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Homemade Fly Spray Recipe

Natural Fly Spray: Mix 1 quart Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 teaspoon Citronella Essential Oil | EquiSearch


Make Your Own Fly Spray - Homemade Fly Spray with Essential oils - onto a strip of paper?


Natural Fly Repellent You Can Make In Your Kitchen (Really)

Want a natural alternative to chemical-filled bug sprays? Here's a recipe for natural fly repellent you can make in your own kitchen - today. From FrugalChicken


Blood sucking horse flies are starting to show up again, this is how you protect your livestock and yourself from these bitting flies


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25 Things Your Mom Should Have Told You

25 Things Your Mom Should Have Told You

We just put down lots of eucalyptus mulch all around the plants and yard. Huge reduction in the mosquitoes biting around that mulch so I know that one works pretty good. Just make sure your getting real eucalyptus mulch. They have it at Home D and Lowes