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Homemade floor cleaner 1 cup water 1 cup vinegar 1 cup isopropyl alcohol 2-3 drops natural dish soap 10-15 drops essential oil (optional) Fine-mist spray bottle – 24oz Instructions Add all ingredients to spray bottle and shake to combine. Sweep/vacuum the floor. Spray cleaner on the floor. Wipe up with a microfiber cloth in circular motion.


All-Natural Homemade Floor Cleaner - Nature's Nurture : Nature's Nurture

1 c water, 1 c vinegar, 1c alcohol, 2-3 drops dishwashing soap ~~ for shiny wood floors PLUS stainless steel appliances!

from Nature's Nurture

Ultimate All-Purpose Cleaner

Use this all natural homemade floor cleaner to clean your floors, windows, mirrors, counter tops, and stainless steel appliances!


Have you been looking for an all-purpose homemade floor cleaner? This is the ultimate heavy-duty recipe that super cleans your floors!

from Styletic

20+ Homemade Floor Cleaners Which Make Your Life Easier

Homemade Laminate Floor Cleaner.

Our Road to Better: Homemade Floor Cleaner

from Styletic

20+ Homemade Floor Cleaners Which Make Your Life Easier

DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner.


Linoleum floor cleaner. 1/4 c baking soda, 2 gallons hot water, 1 tbsp dish soap, 1/4 c vinegar. Effortlessly Saving One Recipe at a Time: Homemade Floor Cleaners put to the Test

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Budget Friendly All Natural Floor Cleaner Recipe - Less than $1.50 per gallon!

Homemade Floor Cleaner - Tired of expensive floor cleaners that are full of who knows what? Give this homemade floor cleaner a try! Less than $1.50 per gallon and completely safe for kids, pets and everything in between!