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Beef Gravy

Beef Gravy from stock. One of the best beef stock gravies I've made. Very flavorful. Be sure not to under salt or it will be a little bland.

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Basic Gravy (W/O Pan Drippings)

I adapted this recipe from THE JOY OF COOKING and have been making it for more years than I care to remember. Its fast and easy.... fast and easy enough to be able to make a 2nd batch in the middle of dinner b/c folks scarfed up the first batch! NOTE: Im not sure how 1-2 TEAspoons of Worcestershire got changed to 1-2 TABLEspoons.... which is way too much! Ive changed the recipe back to 1-2 TEAspoons of Worcestershire.

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Shallot & red wine sauce

Gordan Ramsey red wine sauce for steaks: 250g shallots sliced, 4 tbsp olive oil, 1 garlic clove lightly crushed, sprig rosemary, 5 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 400ml red wine, 400ml beef or brown chicken stock preferably homemade, knob of butter

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How to Make a Simple Brown Gravy With Pizzaz

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Caribbean Jerk Peach Hot Sauce - A homemade hot sauce recipe made with fiery chili peppers, fresh peaches and jerk seasonings for a bit of island flare in a bottle. Perfect for chicken or shrimp.

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Hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food. I use this all the time with sliced beef steak.

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Beef Gravy

This is a good recipe for gravy.Very simple. This gravy can be used over Salisbury Steak And mashed potatoes or for dipping your french fries in. good.

Mince and Tatties

Mince and Tatties - pretty traditional Scottish food. My fiance asked for this for dinner, he had a long shift and it's my day off, so my turn/his choice. Unfortunately, I've never cooked this successfully before. :/

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Homemade teriyaki sauce! Tastes just like the Teri sauce they use at the keg! Only 6 ingredients and takes five minutes. Will use this recipe again.

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