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Vegan baked beans

Tinned baked beans are a staple in most British kitchens, but they're very easy to make yourself. While many gourmet versions have added bacon or dairy, Becca's on hand to provide a tasty vegan version of the classic breakfast dish.

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Jacket potatoes with home-baked beans

Jacket potatoes with home-baked beans. I switched it for sweet potato for even healthier alternative and used Butter beans, which were lush :-)

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Spanish Beans with Tomatoes

Spanish Beans and Tomatoes | Vegan & Gluten free | Veggie Desserts Blog These Spanish beans with tomatoes and smokey sweet spices are so easy to make. They’re perfect to serve as tapas or a side dish. Vegan and gluten-free.

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Tom Kerridge’s proper baked beans recipe. For the full recipe, click the picture or visit

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Spicy 3 Bean Sausage Rolls

Spicy 3 Bean Sausage Rolls - a spicy bean mixture enclosed in flaky golden puff pastry

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Smoky beans on toast

Forget shop-bought cans of baked beans, this homemade version is tastier and healthier, with an impressive 4 of your 5 a day

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Mary’s Bakewell tart

This classic Bakewell tart is topped with feathered icing to give an impressive finish. For this recipe you will need a 23cm/9in fluted flan tin, baking beans, piping bag fitted with small plain nozzle and a few cocktail sticks.

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