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Gallery of The Bridge Homeless Assistance Center / Overland Partners - 1

The Bridge is a new expression of civic. It elevates caring for the least of our community to civic importance. It empowers the homeless to come off the streets, maintain sustainable and permanent housing and live as productive citizens. Located on the

Homeless students have the same right to a quality education as their housed peers. Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act, schools can help match students to eligible tutoring providers who are able to provide intensive academic supports needed to keep students achieving to high standards.


10 Simple Items to Keep in Your Car to Give to the Homeless

As a believer, we must be prepared in and out of season to love and serve those in need. Here are 10 simple items to keep on hand to help the homeless.


Top 10 renting tips: how to be a happy tenant

Rent: If the rent is late once or twice, a landlord might let it go. Consistent tardiness in paying rent can create a headache for the landlord, as they don’t get paid on time.


Children living in transition : helping homeless and foster care children and families / Cheryl Zlotnick, editor: Sharing the daily struggles of children and families residing in transitional situations (homelessness or because of risk of homelessness, being connected with the child welfare system, or being new immigrants in temporary housing), this text recommends strategies for delivering mental health and intensive case-management services that maintain family integrity and stability.

Someone needs to keep this in mind while she pins anti-poor people pins on the same fucking board.


Sturdy Refugee Residences : NIDO Portable Shelter

Sturdy Refugee Residences - The NIDO Portable Shelter is an Efficient, Effective Homeless Refuge (GALLERY)