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French company New Wind has created a wind "turbine" in the shape of a tree. It's designed for parks, homes, businesses and other small-scale applications. The "leaves" harness wind energy even at low winds and don't make noise. We can't wait for these trees to be available commercially for use at homes worldwide!


This Silent Rooftop Turbine Could Generate Half of Your Home's Energy

from TreeHugger

Sleek Wooden Wind Turbine Is an Antidote to NIMBYism

Sleek Wooden Wind Turbine would look great in our yard. My long term goal is to use as much solar and wind energy as possible to power our home. I would love to be 'off the grid'.


Discreet Wind Turbines ... now the neighbors can't complain! (Neat idea, not sure our house is facing in the right direction to make this feasible, however)


home-built an electricity producing Wind turbine

from The Life and Times of a "Renaissance Ronin"

Doctor, Doctor! All this “Wind Power” is making me sick!

Those of you that have been faithfully following along (and shame on you if you haven’t!) know that my family is building a home in Southern Mississippi, out of junk, rubbish, flotsam, jetsam…

This new wind turbine could generate half of your home energy


Small wind turbines scaled to the right size for residential and urban areas have so far lived in the shadows of their larger wind-farm-sized counterparts. The power output has been too low for a reasonable return on investment through energy savings and the noise they produce is louder than most homeowners can deal with.A Dutch renewable energy start-up called The Archimedes is working to solve both of those problems in a new class of small-scale wind turbine -- one that is almost silent…


It's A Silent Rooftop Turbine Which Could Produce Half Of Your Home's Energy Needs - Green Energy Jubilation | Green Energy Jubilation