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"Love this handout. I would add: Pass it out to each YW. Tell them they only have enough ink in their pen to underline 3 words. Play a song and when the song is over - have them share what they underlined and why. Another idea: Up on the board: How would you explain what the Sabbath Day is and Why we honor it to a non member. Give them a few minutes to write their response. Discuss


I've waster another precious day doing busy nothings. There's days like that. Like today. No sleep the night before = whhhaaaaaaaaaaa??? 5 pm already?? Holy cow....

from Mail Online

Filming for the Sherlock special continues with a gruesome death scene

SetLock 2015--- " As filming continued in Bristol on Saturday, it was clear that the special would feature a gruesome death scene starting actress Natasha O’Keeffe."-- Oh my holy CRAP!