Can you touch something without something actually being there (wut?)? Haptic #technology may make it possible soon! #tech #future

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Timex Hologram Watch The Hologram Watch displays an image in a negative space of the bracelet when an user flicks their wrist.

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A tiny new wristband can project a tablet interface onto your arm, effectively turning it into a smartphone every time you twist your wrist.

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The Hologram Watch looks like a simple, elegant bracelet, but with the flick of the wearer's wrist, a holographic time stamp appears within the negative space.

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The first of its kind, the Holocube HC Tablet turns your iPad Air 2 into a holographic projector you can use at home. Its magic lies in a transparent synthetic mirror with a solid hinge at a 45 degree angle that captures moving media on the screen, projecting it into thin air. Hit the link to watch it in action!

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