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The Best Cuba Travel Itinerary: One to Two Weeks

Every want to travel to Cuba? 2016 is the year to do it! Not only is it easier than ever to travel to this beautiful country, but now is the time to go while it still feels like you're stepping back in time! Cuba travel itinerary for 2016

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You Havana a Laugh? Scams to Avoid in Cuba

Jinetero - a Cuban scamster or friendly advice giver? Watch out for these ten scams in Cuba to avoid being made a fool and wasting your CUC!

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Tips for Travelling With Kids Part 2 – Packing Tips and List!

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4 Places To Visit In Cuba (and one to avoid)

No matter how much you prepare yourself for a trip to Cuba, you’re still blown away when you first arrive. Here are a list of four places to visit in Cuba.

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Cuba is the most beautiful, least industrialized island of the Caribbean Islands. When visiting Varadero, there are some things you just have to do.

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Cuba Cheat Sheet: Your Cuba Travel Guide

Learn your CUCs from your casas in this ultimate Cuba cheat sheet! Everything you need to know about: itineraries, accommodation, currency, budget, scams, and even diving!

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