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How to Do the Holidays When You Want to Run and Hide

How to Deal with Holiday Depression & Anxiety. The holidays are not always easy, due to depression, sadness, grief, anxiety, or stress. Here are ways to cope.

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How to Create a Self-Care Plan... and Why You Need One (with a FREE Self-Care printable!)

How to Create a Self-Care Plan... and Why You Need One (with a FREE Self-Care printable!) — Rainstorm and Park


7 Practical Tips for Relieving Holiday Depression

Emotional Health Columnist Therese Borchard offers some tips on how to relieve holiday depression and stay emotionally resilient during December.


I thought we would grow old together and I remember all the times we would talk about it. We had so many plans together and now you are gone because you fucked up


When everyone around you is a picture of festive merriment and cheer, depression can feel especially isolating. That's why it's especially important to look after yourself at this time of year. It's also worth remembering, that under the novelty jumpers, glitter and mistletoe, others are struggling too - but are putting on a smile (and a pair of reindeer deelyboppers) for the sake of everybody else. You're less alone than you think. [image courtesy of]

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Yoga and Nutrition: Conquering Seasonal Depression (SAD)

This weekend is the end of Daylight Savings. It doesn't have to mean another season of the blues. View last years message on Overcoming Holiday Blues entitled "Christmas Shoes" It is my testimony of being healed from holiday depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) To find more videos and encouragement view the website @ #SAD, #TBCLI, #holidayblues, #daylightsavings, #DST,