I get the 'let it go' bit, however, i don't understand 'forgive but don't forget'. Surely if you don't forget than you haven't really forgiven....No???

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2017 quotes 2017 will be a better chapter for you if you, think positively, let go of past mistakes, make new friends, stay away from toxic people. Use your talents don't hold back do good deeds speak up for yourself and know your worth.

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Don't forget to love her. The little girl you used to be. Perhaps she lies within you. Untucked, sleeping peacefully. ~Kiana Llanos

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Download a powerful meditation for deep heart healing at SuzanneHeyn.com. Awaken your intuition, release past pain and unlock greater happiness, peace and inspiration.

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true...hold no anger, hold no hate, completely forgiven and know you will continue to be amazing.

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Take It One Slow Step at a Time || This is an awesome article about looking past your imperfections and striving to be your excellent self.

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It really is that simple. There is nothing to be gained from hurting others to get ahead or to make yourself feel better. I hope my kids have learned this. I hope I was a strong enough example through these last 5 or 6 years.

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