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Think honors course textbooks, second level spell books, advanced fiction, and huge historical compendiums.

Chetham’s Library was founded in 1653 and is the oldest public library in the English-speaking world. It holds more than 100,000 volumes of printed books, of which 60,000 were published before 1851.

bluepueblo: Chetham’s Library, Manchester,. bluepueblo: “ Chetham’s Library, Manchester, England photo via julie ”

This is completely me  there should also be a 2% of complaining that the movies/tv shows ruined the books  xxx

18 Things All Bookworms Do

Except the Hogwarts thing. Replace that with "waiting to find portal to two hundred years in the past where I will have many adventures and meet many Scots.

When in doubt, go to the library

Harry Potter Print - - Book Quote - Library - Chamber of Secrets - Hermione - Illustration - Children - Poster

Hogwarts library

Hogwarts Library Checkout Card: Can we talk about the fact that people got this book before Hermione? Or more importantly, that Ron got it before Hermione?

Chetham Library, Manchester, United Kingdom -- Sort of reminds me of the wand shop from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (or The Philosopher's Stone in England)

Chetham Library, Manchester, United Kingdom (Chetham's library, UK founded in is the oldest surviving public library in Britain)

Can't wait to read all these!

Hogwarts Library Official Box Set Harry Potter Collection Hardback

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Tutorial - Harry Potter style Hogwarts Library Spellbooks

Harry Potter Style Hogwarts Library Spellbooks