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Gift for for She doesn't look mad, sad, angry, worried, happy... no, no... there is a mistery in her eyes, that tells something else... like expecting... something... Enjoy!

from Etsy

BDSM Collar with arm restraints, Bondage set, Arm Bondage, Submissive Collar, Slave collar, Neck to Wrist Restraint Collar & Arm Binder

Submissive Collar with arm ties. Neck to Wrist Restraint Collar & Arm Binder Any Dom would love this triple chain collar for their sub. This elegant collar does not skimp one bit on strength or beauty. It has a nice weight to it with a smooth chrome feel. Clasps in back with a clasping O ring, has a D ring in front. Arm ties can be detached so you can use the collar on its own. Could also be used in front or as a leash or hogties. Collar is 14 3/4 long, 1 3/8 wide. Arm ties are 10 to the…