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Pictures of the day: 8 February 2010

dogs+chasing+wildboar | Two dogs chase a wild boar at a kennel for breeding and training ...

Instantly recognisable for its bright rufous fur, the red river hog (Potamochoerus porcus) is undoubtedly the most strikingly coloured of all wild pigs. Despite being, on average, the smallest African pig, this species possesses a stocky body with powerful shoulders, and a large, wedge shaped head, enabling it to quickly root up tough vegetation.

from Wide Open Spaces

Hog Hunting with Elephant Guns: Watch What a 750 Grain Bullet Can Do

Ever wondered what it would be like to go hog hunting with elephant guns? Well, these two guys in Florida did.

Hog badger As a forest-dwelling animal, the major threat to the hog badger is the large-scale deforestation currently occurring in Southeast Asia (20) (21). In addition, it is hunted for food in some areas, but it appears that its palatability varies between regions; in the Hin Namno region of eastern Lao PDR, hog badger flesh is used as fish bait rather than eaten, whereas it is explicitly sought for food in the southern Attapu province of Lao PDR (22).