Ho ho hodor Ugly Christmas Sweater Game of Thrones by ApparelAreUs

25 Reasons to Watch Game of Thrones Ugly Sweater Contest, Game Of Thrones, Hodor, Ugly Christmas Sweater, Christmas…

One of my favourite Game of Thrones artworks (anyone know who the artist is?). So sweet yet so sad. Hodor, Summer and the CotF.

Hodor, Summer and the Children of the Forest art by Kei Acedera.

Game of Drinking for Game of Thrones

Game of Drinking…

So funny. Game of Thrones Drinking Game: Will kill as many people as George R. Martin has.because that is the only way to tolerate it. The caption is awesome.

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"The World will look up and shout 'save us!' and I'll look down and whisper 'Hodor'" Game of Thrones funny meme

Am sooooo sad about this reveal. I can't believe it. Never ever saw it coming. Applause to you George R. R. Martin, applause to you.

Not all heroes hold weapons. Some just hold the door. Game of Thrones

To be fair to Arya and her proximity causing death, by the time she decides "Fuck it. I'll just go to Braavos." basically everyone is dead.

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