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16 Things All Field Hockey Players Understand

I had four more classes, lunch, two hours of field hockey practice-a sport I didn't know how to play-and a crapload of homework to make up, and yet I couldn't get myself to move from that spot.

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Hockey - Hated it, horrid game, it was well violent at my school - something like St Trinians....

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GRAYS Flare Field Hockey Stick

Grays Flare Field Hockey Stick. I saw this at Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday and I really want it!

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Neo-Rage - We at RAGE Hockey are famous for our low-bow sticks and well this Neo-Rage mould is bound for low-bow greatness. The design of this stick needs a mention… one word to define it would be “Modern Art”! Masked within this elegant exterior is raw rage power, making this an excellent top-level stick for both deft touches and blinding strikes. Being the pinnacle of our technological innovation and prowess, experience a new kind of Hockey! Available at RAGE Field Hockey website!

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I hope this is at a camp or something, cause that would be a lot of girls for just a jv and varisty team!

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BAUER VAPOR 1X GRIPTAC SR HOCKEY STICK - $299.99 : Pro Hockey Life, The Ultimate Hockey Mega-Store