Taking this for my inspiration for my Hobbit costume. Can't wait for the midnight premiere! Rebel's Haven: Ver's Costume Journal: hobbit

Taking this for my inspiration for my Hobbit costume. Can& wait for the midnight premiere! Rebel& Haven: Ver& Costume Journal: hobbit

Gender-Swapped Hobbit Cosplay is an Unexpected Delight - Thorin Oakenshield

Gender-Swapped Hobbit Cosplay is an Unexpected Delight

Frodo Baggins cosplay--- this cosplay is pretty incredible! not only does the person look quite a lot like the character from a distance, and the costume is spot on, but the scenery and style of the photos are perfect for the theme/character!

Frodo Baggins cosplay--- am I the only one who is extremely impressed with this? I honestly thought it was Elijah Wood before I clicked on the pin.

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White Elephant Gift Ideas

Female Bilbo. Need to remember this when the Desolation of Smaug comes out

this is my female Bilbo cosplay, It took me about months to finish it (I searched for the fx sting sword for 5 months >_<) if you want to rebl. my female Bilbo Baggins cosplay

Hobbitses - The Lord of the Rings Cosplayers: (individually credited here) http://mavichaos.deviantart.com/art/The-Hobbits-339069585

The time + effort that goes into cosplay is impressive

This Lord of the Rings Hobbits Cosplay is insanely realistic. It practically looks like Frodo, Sam, and either Merry or Pippin.

Lord of the Rings. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events: http://yonkersfun.com/category/fandom/

[Found] Baby Hobbit Cosplay

"Baby Hobbit Cosplay" If you like Awesome Cosplay, then you should really like my latest page >> Cosplay

Party Thranduil on a moose. ...there are times when I worry about what Tumblr has done to me, about my sanity, about what other people think of me. I cannot decide if this is one of those times.

Cosplay: Thranduil on a moose. I love the internet. this is beautiful -- and not just ANY Thranduil, this is PARTY Thranduil. :D LOTR and Supernatural!

Tauriel Hobbit Cosplay Costume--- Elf Cosplay, Archer, The Hobbit, Full Costume Set--- Custom made

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The hobbit cosplay genderbend ideas

The hobbit cosplay genderbend ideas Definitely change some things but the basic idea is useful.