Ho ho pokemon

I love Gold and Silver to me those are the best ones and I love the legendaries I have almost all in my Y I just need Ho-oh

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Team Rebirth, Harmony, Omega, Alpha, Delta, Judgment, Ignite, Purity, Strike, text, cool, Legendary Pokémon, Ho-oh, Lugia, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Arceus, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Mega Evolutions; Pokémon

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15 Pokemons Visualized As Real Animals. This is so freaking cute!
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❤baby Articuno, baby Zapdos, baby Moltres, baby Lugia, & baby Ho-oh....................DAW!❤

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Pokemon Gold holds the dearest of dearest places in my heart. I didn't even care about leveling my Pokemon to level 99, or "capturing them all!", I cared about the story. I had my own little copy, with a huge "MOLDE" written on it too. I had it with me 24/7 as if it was my very first credit card at the age of 8. This will probably get no comments, but if you do read this, I ask you to take your time and comment your favourite Pokemon version and why! (:

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