It's too late for me to be looking at a post like this. I'm not sleeping anytime soon

My favorite insult from Elfquest was " you are meat to be wasted.

Love the log stool for warmth in the modern clean bathroom

The Block: Bathroom reveals. Love the tile colours, these floor tiles would look awesome as a seamless look throughout the whole house. Kyal and kara

Remember seeing this beauty on Fixer Upper?! Guess who supplied the railcar…

Kitchen, AFTER The top of the island was fashioned out of reclaimed wood flooring from an old rail car and is the handiwork of carpenter and furniture craftsman Clint Harp of Harp Design Co.Life Is Just a Tire Swing: A Woodway, Texas Fixer-Upper

RenoGuide Grey Bathroom Tiles

Contemporary Bathroom Tile Trends

Available in dark and dramatic or soft and serene colour variations, Johnson Tiles concrete-look tiles offer a sophisticated and elegant look