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Charles Darwin collected this specimen during his famous voyage aboard HMS Beagle between 1831 and 1836. Darwin studied medicine at Edinburgh University and was fascinated by the university’s collection of natural history specimens (now part of National Museums Scotland)


'Abrolhos' one of the plates from 'Watercolours of fish from Australian waters' by James Barker Emery. Emery entered the Royal Navy in 1808 and had a colourful career that included two circumnavigations of the world surveying on the coast of east Africa - including work on the suppression of slavery - and some months as an unsanctioned 'governor' in Mombasa. He joined HMS Beagle in 1837, under Captain Wickham for the survey of the Australian coast.


Charles Darwin collected this egg in Uruguay while on the voyage in the 'Beagle'. It is the egg of a tinamou.